Hellie (The Charty)                                                               Edit

"Hellie" (also known as Charty) is a Charmander-Scrafty hybrid that originated as a Pokesona for Hellninjas. The character is one of the main cast in the show, sticking close to either Shrubskill Nurse

Hellie the Charty Shimeji.


His right eye is blue, and the other one is green. The end of his tail has a burning flame, although unlike a Charmander, if it is doused away he will not die due to his Scrafty blood being more dominant.He has a round, yellow circle around his belly like a Charmander's. He is also well known for his liking of scarfs and hats, and is usually shown donning both alltogether.

Hellie's typing:

  • Usually very clear, well capitalized
  • May be in all-caps if playing around or angered; Sometimes makes certain words in all-caps for exaggeration
(Ex. "[1:24:55 PM] Charty: FUCK")                                                   
  • Does not capitalize the "i" in "I'm" or "I'll" unless the first word in a sentence;                                            (Ex. "[7:34:38 PM] Charty: But i'm back, for now..") and                                                                          (Ex. "[7:53:04 PM] Charty: When he finds a movie, i'll be gone..")
  • Occasionally uses the word "ERK" or "EEERK"; Often in situations referencing to an inside-joke (see "Erk")
(Ex. "[1/26/2013 1:15:23 PM] Charty: ERK")
  • Occasionally says "Dicks" when bored or playing around
(Ex. "[2:59:58 PM] Charty: Im bored as dicks.")
  • Sometimes does not use periods or apostrophes, this seems to be at random
  • Uses 2 periods instead of three most of the time when doing long pauses                                                     (Ex. "[6:00:37 PM] Charty: Sooo..")
  • When sad or upset (sometimes even pure random), uses perfect grammar and no quirks                           (Ex. "[7:02:37 PM] Charty: I'll be back, I need to let something out."
  • Likes to say "Nyaaah~" when happy
  • Uses " :3 ", " :c ", " c: ", and other such internet faces often
  • Uses " ;3 " for sexual innnuedo's, frisky flirting to Shrubskill, or "I-know-something-you-don't-know" moments