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   Shrubskill Nurse is the main protagonist of the entire show, and was made by Shrubskill for her own fursona. She is, much like Hellie, a hybrid, being a deer-hyena creature. Her eyes bear resemblance to Hellie's too, in which they are 2 different colors, but in each eye instead of one. Another feature is her ears: the left one has a pink ear ring and the right one has a bite tear, as if someone ate half of it. This was never explained and is a mystery, unlike how Bushcraft Medic's left eye had been explained in great detail.

When she is angered, her horns come out all the way; if she is sad or injured they slightly come out, much like a young deer, although sometimes she can use her horns to glide through the air or pick up things.

An idea of what the speech bubbles would look like.

Even though some clips of the show have her speaking, they are not directly original content. It's believed that when the show is finally officially released, she wouldn't speak at all (a reference to how in Skype calls she rarely talks in reality) and would use text bubbles with pictures, much like in a comic book.

Shrubskill's typing:

  • Shrubskill Nurse's typing varies greatly; It's almost impossible to describe due to the amount of changes
  • Usually good grammar, perfect punctuation
  • Sometimes uses no punctuation at all
(Ex. "[10:25:28 PM] Shrubskill Nurse: every time you do that C; it creeps me the fuck out")
  • Sometimes in all-caps
(Ex. "[11:14:26 PM] Shrubskill Nurse: NO SHIT LOL")
  • Sometimes writes sentences with no periods or exclamation marks
(Ex. "[10:29:40 PM] Shrubskill Nurse: Of course you are")                              
  • Uses a variety of emoticons, mosltly a mixture of Medic's and Hellie's, such as " O.o ", " :3 ", " c: ", :c ", and her very own "duckie face" often used for joking or silly situations, " :L "; sometimes on occasion " o3o " when talking to Hellie